Day of Architecture in Ukraine

The decree of the President of Ukraine ? 456/95 of the June 17 in 1995 states: "Set Day of Architecture in Ukraine, which is celebrated annually on July 1 — {holiday-in 1537 World Day of Architecture} {/ holiday }ยป.

World Day of Architecture established by the International Union of Architects, founded in 1946, after the second world war, at a time when it was necessary to raise from the ruins of the city, to restore the enterprise to recreate monuments of architecture.

Since 1996, the World Day of Architecture is dedicated to the World Day of dwellings (World Habitat Day), which is celebrated on the first Monday of October. This decision was made by the International Union of Architects in the XX General Assembly of the UN in Barcelona.

Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet im.S.A. Krushelnitska. Founded in 1900 (Photo: Iv Nikolny, Shutterstock) Architecture of Ukraine diverse, they say that it "sounded the bells." The temple building, the history of which — the millennium — a "rock record" reflecting the ups and downs of war and times of spiritual growth from Kievan Rus to our years. Ancient temples are the features of the influence of Byzantine and Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. But in a variety of schools, periods and styles own face Ukrainian architecture is unique.

In many cities you can see the old buildings, adjacent to the new masterpiece of architectural thought. This is especially noticeable in the capital — Kiev unique. At all times inspired builders picturesque rocks and plains of Crimea: Now on the peninsula, there are more than eight hundred monuments.