Day of the press, television and radio in Kazakhstan

First Day of independent journalism in Kazakhstan celebrated May 10. That's because on that day long ago began to take the first Kazakh-newspaper "Turkestan uayalytty gazetinin." Or, more simply, "Turkestan statements."

But in 1997, it became clear that it funded the tsarist government. On top of that there "was conducted propaganda voluntary colonization of the Kazakh steppes." Because May 10 is not included in the history of the Kazakh journalism as a professional holiday.

I had to think again about when to celebrate the great feast of journalists. And soon decided to appoint a holiday 28 June, because that day was the first Kazakhstan adopted a law on the media, which was called the Law of the Kazakh SSR "On Press and Other Mass Media." Because since 1997, the last Sunday in June is celebrated their professional holiday of journalists.

Edition of the "Calendar of events" of the Republic congratulates journalists on their professional holiday. We wish to be always at the forefront of events truthfully and adequately illuminating the realities of today.