Day economist in Belarus

Every year since 2000 June 30 in the Republic of Belarus celebrated a national holiday — the Day of the economist. It is set by the Presidential Decree number 35 of the 2 February in 2000.

In 1920, the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR was formed Planning Commission under the Council of Labor and Defense . On approval of the Regulation on the Planning Commission (Gosplan) were assigned to develop a unified state plan. In the same year, All-Russian Congress of Soviets in its judgment pointed to the need to create in the provinces and regions of higher economic bodies — the Economic Conference.

Due to the civil war and foreign intervention Congress decision was made later. The first meeting of the Economic Conference, formed in Belarus, took 26 April in 1921. A June 30, 1921 Economic Conference drafted and approved a position on the Planning Commission (Gosplan) of the country.

June 30 and is considered the beginning of the formation of the State Planning Commission of the Republic. The activities of the State Planning Committee of the BSSR was inextricably linked to the overall operation of the national economy. Economic capacity-building, restoring it after World War II, the further development of the economy took place with the direct participation of the leading planning center.

After the collapse of the USSR Council of Ministers of the BSSR State Planning Committee of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR Gosplan) transformed into the State Committee of the Republic of Belarus for Economy and Planning (Gosekonomplan the Republic of Belarus). Since 1994 he has transformed into the Ministry of Economy of Belarus. The Ministry of Economy is the central governmental authority subordinate to the Government.

On the Economy Ministry entrusted with the development and implementation of state policy in the sphere of economic analysis and forecasting of socio-economic development, business and investment, economic failure, anti-monopolistic activity and competition, government regulation of prices (tariffs) and government control of pricing.

The Ministry of Economy also develops public policy in the management of state property and privatization. The Ministry coordinates the activities in these areas, national government bodies, other state organizations subordinated to the Government of Belarus.