Day of the national anthem of Canada

The history of the national anthem of Canada and the content of his texts as well as possible better reflect the unique binational nature of the Canadian state. Anthem has two officially accepted version is not quite the same content — French and English.

During the British colonial rule in Canada at official ceremonies, public meetings sung melody of the hymn "God Save the Queen." When Dominion was formed, the role of his "national song" claimed folded in 1867, the song "Maple Leaf Forever".

In contrast to this national song was composed anglokanadtsev and French Canadian folk songs — "O Canada!". It was written in the days of preparation for the celebration of Quebec (French province) famous Quebec composer Calixa Lavall?e overnight on the verses of the former Chief Justice of the province Adolphe Basile Routhier. Born this way anthem was first performed in Quebec City on June 24 in 1880, the national holiday French Canadians.

Over the next two decades, the hymn "O Canada!" has gained immense popularity in the province of Quebec, but did not go beyond it, he performed exclusively in French. However, due to the popularity of the anthem was that over time it began to appear the English version. The most popular of them are created by Judge Robert Stanley Weir in 1908, later became a traditional English version of the anthem.

Since 1921 anthem printed in school textbooks. Hymn melody chimes began to beat on the Tower of the world, crowning the building of Canadian Parliament, it played at hockey games and other sporting and cultural events. However, the official national anthem of Canada adopted until recently had not.

Only in 1964, the Canadian government adopted a resolution recognizing the "O Canada!" the national anthem and "God Save the Queen" royal anthem.

The current version of the anthem is based on the text of Weir and amended in 1968, which had been made by the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons. French version of the text is unchanged.

However, the relevant act (law) Parliament then was taken. Only 27 June in 1980 — 100 years and three days after his first performance — "O Canada!" Received the official status of the national anthem of Canada, secured a special Act of the national anthem, which came into By this day.