World Fisheries Day

Since 1985, every year June 27 is World Fisheries Day. Holiday established by the decision of the International Conference on Fisheries Management and Development, held in July 1984 in Rome.

Fishing — one of the most popular hobbies of humanity. Who has ever been on a pond with a fishing rod, enjoy the clean, incomparable joy of communication with nature and caught her first fish, this one will never forget.

bearded fisherman with a large salmon caught in the waters of British Columbia (1910) The process of catching fish is so fascinating, that over time, newcomers often it develops into an all-consuming passion. After all, the only truly enthusiastic people in order to see or feel the bite of fish can climb in a very remote and blind corners, soak in the rain for hours, or freeze in the cold.

On this day in many countries, competition for fishing, a variety of training seminars. Events are collected as fishermen with great experience, and beginners. In recent years, the competition among the participants of fish can be seen more and more often women. Undoubtedly, more and more people realize that fishing — a great tool to strengthen the spiritual and physical strength.

Recall that in Russia Fisherman's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of July.