Russian Youth Day

Russian Youth Day is officially celebrated June 27 in accordance with the order of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin number 459-RP dated 24 June in 1993 "On the celebration of Youth Day." A celebration of the initiative made by the Committee on Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation and the National Council of Youth Associations.

Kids and youth — is not only great periods in the life of each person, but also a particular state of mind. This time, the daring, the search, discovery, and the most challenging expectations.

It is they, today's high school students, college students, young workers, entrepreneurs, scientists, will soon be shaping the future of Russia.

In Russia, a lot is being done to ensure that young people have great prospects. Taking care of the younger generation is an important part of social policy. Developed and implemented a youth policy. The state supports young families.

growing opportunities for secondary, tertiary, vocational education. Wide development and youth centers and youth clubs. Much attention is being given to reducing youth unemployment.

sure that young citizens of Russia will justify the trust of senior colleagues, will be the true patriots of the motherland.

Youth Day is celebrated in other countries, each of which has set a date of celebration. There are International Youth Day, which is set by the UN from 1999 to on August 12.