Day prosecutors Belarus

26 June in 1922 at the third session of the Central Executive Committee of the Byelorussian SSR, to oversee compliance with the law and in the interests of the "right setting" of the struggle against crime, provision had been made for the prosecutor's supervision, and then the State Prosecutor's Office in the People's Commissariat of Justice.

The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus clearly defines the competence of the prosecution and establishes the principle of the independence of prosecutors in the exercise of their powers. Unified and centralized system of the prosecution is headed by the Attorney General, who reports to the President.

Presidential Decree number 157 of 26 March in 1998 in independent Belarus was set professional holiday — Day of the prosecutor's office.

In 2007, the country adopted a new Law "On Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Belarus", which embodied the best traditions of the historical development of the Belarusian Prosecutor's Office has identified the role and principles of its functioning in the modern machinery of government, the nature and focus areas.

The coordinating role of prosecutors in the fight against crime and corruption emphasizes its special legal status and leading role. The prosecutor's office, first of all — human rights, rather than punishing the body. One of the main tasks of the prosecution is to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The prosecutor's office is making active efforts to develop and implement comprehensive joint action on the part of law enforcement agencies and other bodies of the executive and the legislature, and other social institutions in order to consolidate the current trend of reducing the level of crime, its prevention, prevention of illegal involvement of citizens to justice, ensuring the inevitability of punishment for their crimes.

One of the main activities of the prosecution is to deal with appeals by which prosecutors promptly remove the violated rights and freedoms of citizens, economic entities and organizations. Each year, prosecutors admit reasonable about 9,000 such complaints, or one-fifth of the resolution.

To ensure the prosecutor assigned to the task of strengthening the rule of law state prosecutors endowed with broad rights and powers. Hence, the requirements for the most prosecutorial environment — to serve in the prosecutor's office accepted only citizens of the Republic of Belarus, having a law degree, with the necessary professional and moral qualities. After six months probation prosecutor takes the oath.

Honesty, integrity and professionalism — an essential requirement for every employee of the prosecution. And it is these qualities combine all the generations of prosecutors who have dedicated their lives to the service of law.

Edition of the "Calendar of events" congratulates prosecutors on their professional holiday.