Day of Customs Service of Ukraine

Customs Service Day is celebrated annually on June 25 on the day of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in 1991, the Law on customs in Ukraine.

Customs — one of the core services of the state. The proclamation of sovereignty and independence of Ukraine in 1991 led to the urgent need to provide adequate protection of the economic interests of the country.

The legacy of the Soviet Union, independent Ukraine has 25 customs 49 customs posts with the number of personnel in 1991 2 thousands of people. Operated 29 automobile checkpoints, 14 rail, 4 aircraft and 17 sea and river crossing points. They have focused primarily on the west and south of the country.

Laws of Ukraine "On Customs in Ukraine" (adopted June 25, 1991), "On the Common Customs Tariff" and the Customs Code (enacted over in 1991-1992) became the legal basis for the organization of customs business in the state of education of the customs system of Ukraine.

Modern relations between states are characterized by intensification of economic and trade relations, modernization and the introduction of new transport corridors with intense rhythm of work, unprecedented tourism development and the intensification of the business, social, sporting and many other fields. That's why today is expanding the role of customs, highly professional work which guarantees the stability of inter-state relations, it becomes a kind of "calling card" of the state.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates employees and veterans of the customs service with their professional holiday. We wish tirelessly to improve professional skills, be competent and fair, performing a difficult debt service.