Day of the navigator of the Russian Navy

Previously, the navigator of the Navy Day was celebrated on the vernal (20 — March 21) and autumnal (22 — September 23) equinoxes. It is in these days, you can accurately and without tools to determine the compass — the Sun rises due east and sets in, respectively, in the west.

But since 1997, in accordance with the order of Commander of the Navy of the Russian Federation ? 253 from 15 July in 1996 "On the introduction of annual holidays and days of professional specialty," Day of the navigator of the Navy celebrated on January 25, in foundation day navigation service of the Russian Navy.

The need for domestic captains and navigators came with the start of construction in the Russian Navy. Implementation of this idea was the creation in Moscow School of Mathematics and Navigation in the Sukharev Tower. The decree Peter from (12) January 23, 1701 stated: "Being Mathematics and Navigation, that is seaworthy trickiest of arts teaching." This day is the founding date navigation service of the Russian Navy, but the official celebration was established on January 25.

Note that the Emperor Peter I also published the Charter, which had been prescribed some basic rules and restrictions for the co-drivers' Co-drivers in the pubs do not let go, because they spawn boorish, was not slow to get drunk and riot suit " or "navigators during the battles on the upper deck do not let go, for they are his vile views, all the frustrating battleĀ».

Many famous naval commanders began military service from the post of ship's navigator. Among them, admirals, and laid the basis for the modern Russian navy, such as S.Gorshkov, V.Mihaylin, A.Mihaylovsky, and many others. In the history of the great geographical discoveries of the names of co-drivers are on a par with the commanders of ships and admirals. Only in Primorsky Krai of the Russian fleet navigators names are immortalized in the names of 64 capes, 12 islands, peninsulas, 3, 9 bays.

Job ship and flagship navigator is particularly difficult and responsible, as well as recorded in the Rules of the navigation service on the ships of the Navy, "the work of a navigator in the campaign is creative." And today we are talking about the navigation service is not only the Navy, but the entire fleet of Russia. Congratulations to you, brave navigators!