Seaman day (Day of the Seafarer )

annually 25 June Day is celebrated sailor or, in other words, Day explorer (Day of the Seafarer). The decision about the celebration was made in 2010. Members of the International Maritime Organization, the members of the United Nations, signed at a conference in Manila resolution number 19, which was the basis of the establishment of the professional holiday.

The resolution stressed that special day for all marine trades is necessary because that the contribution of seafarers in the case of international trade, the global economy and the development of civil society is immeasurable. These words were addressed to the 1.5 million professionals who have linked their lives with the water element.

Festival is dedicated to the Merchant Seamen who, unlike the sailors, a holiday still had not — the days of sea and river fleet have been reported primarily by people who have no direct relationship to work in the sea. Statistics reports that merchant mariners carried 80% of all world trade activities.

History has left many glorious pages of feats sailors of them are written numerous novels, novellas, create movies and cartoons. Even a monument to one of the well-known sailors multgeroya was a big event in America.

But, like any professional holiday, Day sailor — is not only an occasion to congratulate the "sea wolves. " This, above all, an occasion to express the urgent problems faced by modern sailors. One of these problems at the international level is the problem of piracy.

Piracy arose almost simultaneously with the beginning of navigation, and pirate actions were aimed at capturing ships of all categories. Where once the traditional areas of water were considered pirates in Southeast Asia, the coast of Africa and Latin America, it is now particularly acute problem of piracy in the waters adjacent to the African state of Somalia.

Back in 1926 League of Nations Committee of Experts concluded that the issue of piracy is important and "must be among the issues of international law, the resolution of which by international agreement is highly overdue and necessary."