Day of friendship and unity of the Slavs

Today Slavs all over the world, and there are about 270 million celebrate friendship and unity of the Slavs.

This holiday was established in the 90's of the 20th century and was created to ensure that the different branches of the Slavic peoples mindful of its historic roots, sought to preserve their culture and centuries-old relationship with each other. He appeared as a consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union, was formed when the number of independent Slavic states, and there was a need to establish friendship and partnership in the new environment.

The first states that have made significant steps in this direction were Russia and Belarus: they signed a series of agreements on cooperation on equal terms.

The most widely celebrated this date three friendly countries — Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. As noted in the official congratulations to the Head of State, it is truly a national holiday, coming from common roots, cultural traditions and customs of our people.

Slavs — Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Czechs — make up the bulk of the population Europe.

great contribution to the unity of the Slavs make regional national-cultural associations. Thanks to their work, does not break the connection to time, from generation to generation the distinctive traditions, centuries-old culture of the Slavic peoples, customs and rituals, strengthening civil peace and accord.