Wimbledon tennis tournament

Each year the quiet southern suburb of London — Wimbledon (Wimbledon) becomes the world capital of tennis. Over the past two weeks — the last of June and first of July — All England Tennis and Croquet Club is holding its courts to British Open — the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the most prestigious competition of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Wimbledon — the only major tennis tournament in the world, where the matches are held on the grass. Although on clay courts (French Open), the ball is in play longer, play on the grass requires more reaction from players and power, especially when applying. This coating makes the ball bounce very low and unpredictable. Because of the low rebound advantage of getting players who played well at the net and you need less time to prepare for the adoption of hitting an opponent.

The grass at Central and First courts veiled rolls, which are grown on a special farm in the county of Yorkshire. The process of manufacture and storage of the turf is still kept secret.

Tennis tournament with more than 120 years of history is distinguished not only play on the grass and in the open air, but is mandatory for all participants in white uniform. For failure dressing tradition tennis, even if he is super pros can easily disqualify.

traditional Wimbledon treat — strawberries and cream. It is estimated that two weeks before the tournament, guests consume 150,000 servings of this delicious delicacy. Strawberries are grown specifically for the tournament outside of London. Berry delivered straight from the beds, so that from harvest to sale did not go more than a day.

Wimbledon Tennis Complex on Church Road is also known for its museum of tennis. It stores the unique items related to the long history of the sport. In the museum you can not only see the impressive composition of rackets, balls and fitness, but also look at the famous Centre Court.

In early July 1877 the British newspaper readers «The Field» invited to the first world tennis tournament on grass, "All England Lawn croquet and Tennis Club offers everyone to try their hand at a tennis tournament on Monday July 9, and in the following days. Expect the two winners of the prize: the golden prize champion and silver — finalist!».

Day July 9, 1877 can be considered the official birth of the Wimbledon tournament.

«All England Croquet Club" was founded nine years earlier on leased land in Vorpl-Road in the south-west of London. The growth of interest in the Lawn Tennis necessitated to build the first tennis court in 1875. The club then renamed to the "All England cricket and tennis club" and adopted a new charter.

fee to participate in the tournament at the rate of one guinea have 22 players hoping to get the main prize — 35 guineas. The money went to Spencer Gore — the first champion of Wimbledon. His first finalist — Marshall — earned slightly more than seven guineas.

In 1884, the number of participants was twice — in the men's singles meetings have been added for women. The first winner of the tournament was Miss Maud Watson, and in 1887 won the tournament in Charlotte "Lottie Dod" (she was only 15 years and 285 days, and it still is the youngest Wimbledon champion).