Police Day in Kazakhstan

In 1992, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted the Law "On the internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. " It was the first legal instrument to define the tasks and functions of the Kazakhstani police.

In 2007, the presidential decree June 23 was officially approved by the Police Day. On that day, Park Capital Defenders gay with scarlet general's stripes. Fifty-one general, representatives of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the eight Commonwealth countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, who came specially to the country paid tribute to those who died for their homeland moment of silence and laid flowers to the monument.

On this day, usually police officers awarded the Order of varying degrees. And city governments across the country will present the best cop a variety of gifts such as cars, as it was on the eve of the 15th anniversary. Be sure to personnel of the Interior gets warm congratulations from the President.
emblem of Kazakhstan's Interior Ministry police
Day Kazakhstani police — is a sign of gratitude to all those who selflessly created Kazakh police, and labor in its ranks. It is an expression of gratitude to its veterans are honest service to the business have earned the respect of the people. And it is a tribute to the memory of those who in time of peace gave his life for the sake of peace and security of Kazakhstan.

Since independence more than 400 police officers and interior troops received state awards, including about 100 police officers were awarded Orders of "Dank" and "Aibyn", of which more than half — posthumously.