International Widows Day

We need to ensure that widows enjoy the rights and social protection that they deserve. Death is inevitable, but we can reduce the suffering of widows, if you raise their status and help them in difficult times. This will facilitate the full and equal participation of all women in society.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The first International Widows Day (International Widow's Day) the international community celebrated in 2011. This date allows you to pay attention to the plight of women and children left without male support. By this resolution calls on the UN General Assembly, released in December 2010 and attach June 23 the international status of the day.

According to the United Nations, to date, there are about 250 million widows and 115 million of them are experiencing poverty. A lot of widows live in countries where armed conflicts are raging, and their situation is particularly hard: they lose their husbands at a young age, while forced to raise their children in combat and without any support.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that in many countries the status of women is derived from the status of her husband, and a widow, she might lose everything — down to the elementary means of existence. There are countries where widows do not have access to an inheritance, deprived of the right to employment, can not be considered full members of society.

Speaking on the occasion of the first International Widows Day, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed that all women who lost their husbands, should enjoy the rights enshrined in international treaties on human rights. He also called on governments to pay special attention to widows and their children.

First Day of widows in the headquarters of the UN, an international discussion, which was attended by prominent human rights activists, many of whom were women. It is assumed that in the future this day will be held information events aimed at raising public awareness on the situation of widows.