International Olympic Day

In June 1894 in Paris hosted the International Congress on physical education, which was attended by representatives of 12 countries.

June 23 enthusiast submitted its report to the revival of the Olympic movement Baron . In it, he acquainted the participants with the basics of it develops organizational Olympics.

Congress approved the proposal of Baron Pierre de Coubertin to revive the tradition of the ancient Greek Olympics, so that every four years, of "competitive games with an invitation to participate in the add all peoplesĀ».

It was then established the International Olympic Committee (IOC). As General Secretary of the IOC took the Pierre de Coubertin. Congress agreed to the Games I Olympiad in 1896 in Greece.

Pierre de Coubertin — founder of the modern Olympic igrV 1967 the International Olympic Committee decided: June 23 considered by the International Olympic day (International Olympic Day).

The first Olympic Games 311 athletes from 13 countries played a medal in 9 sports. At the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece, attended by about 15 and a half thousand athletes and officials from more than 200 countries worldwide. Users already played out in 28 sports.

In the Olympic Charter says: The Olympic movement has as its goals to educate young people through sport in a spirit of better mutual understanding and friendship, contributing in this way to a better and more peaceful world.

All of the most famous athletes consider their career, however successful it may be, incomplete without an Olympic medal. And, no doubt, Olympic champions — the pride of each country.