Day of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of canine units (Day dog handlers )

Today is the Day of canine units of the Russian Interior Ministry, which many dog ??breeders consider it a "holiday industry" and for the sake of brevity referred to as simply happy dog ??handlers.

In Russian practice of police service dogs began in 1906 on the initiative of the head of the St. Petersburg Police Department detective VI Lebedev, and through 3 years in Moscow became widely known police dog breed Doberman pinscher named Clubs is to deploy a life of more than 1,500 crimes.

Now with the help of search dogs every year in Russia revealed about 20,000 crimes. For devotion to duty, many dogs have a reward. In Novosibirsk, even a monument to the service dog who, being wounded, superbly manifested itself in the anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya.

Dogs in patrol and investigative work — essential and serious assistants. They need to search for and detect the perpetrators of the crime, to search for drugs, weapons and to arrest armed bandits. Canine units perform a search areas, buildings, structures, protection of critical facilities. Dogs go through various exercises, and in the arsenal of dog handlers have a lot of training techniques.

22 May in 1911 in the Belgian city Tyuene (Thuin) was founded International Federation handlers. The initiators of steel Germany, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. There is evidence that at the time and in the face of imperial Russia Imperial Society of proper hunting also took part in the international canine integration. However, due to the political situation Russia has not joined the founders, although at the time the issue was discussed.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates Russian dog handlers with their professional holiday. We wish tirelessly to improve skills, enhance knowledge and professionalism, but also that there is always work your dedicated and competent friend — the dog.