Day of the gas industry of Azerbaijan

In connection with the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the gas sector in Azerbaijan Republic in 2006, the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan held:

1. Annually 20 June as a day to celebrate professional holiday of workers of the gas industry.

2. This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its signing.

Ilham Aliyev,
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Baku city, on June 12 2006

Modern gas industry of Azerbaijan plays a very important role in the economy of an independent Azerbaijan. Thanks to the oil and gas production and high prices for it on the world market of GDP in 2006 grew by 27%.

The large natural gas resources has Karadag gas field (reserves at the end of 1970 amounted to about 16.5 billion cubic meters). Industrial development of the field began in 1957. Built pipelines Karadag — Baku, Karadag — Ganja — Akstaf — Tbilisi. Oil and gas reserves are concentrated in Baku and Sumgait. On the basis of oil and gas in Azerbaijan, created a diverse range of petrochemical, gas and other industries.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates employees and veterans of gas facilities in Azerbaijan with their professional holiday. We wish that nature gave you a new gas fields, and you are planning and rational use of these natural resources, preserving the invaluable potential of our planet.