Specialist Day torpedo Service of the Navy

Navy Russia today honors professionals torpedo service. Professional holiday of this division was established in 1996 by order of the Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy — in memory of the first successful use of mines by Russian sailors.

According to historical sources, in 1855, during the Crimean War, the Anglo-French squadron entered the Gulf of Finland, to attack the Russian naval base in the first place, Kronstadt. To protect its borders, Russian sailors had to use mine warfare. As a result, the enemy lost four warships and refused to attack.

A torpedo was applied for the first time in the history of the future Vice Admiral Stepan Makarov in the The Russian-Turkish war (1877 — 1878). Night 14 January in 1878, he attacked a Turkish patrol ship "INTIB" in Batumi raid. The torpedo hit the target and flooded the enemy ship.

Today, mines and torpedoes are the basis of coastal defense weapons, whose duty is to protect the Navy team sites, ports, and other important parts of the coast. In addition, torpedoes included torpedo submarines. Their mission — defense against enemy submarines and escorting missile submarines and surface ships.