Emancipation Day (Day of Freedom ) in the U.S.

Actually, the international day of women's emancipation is celebrated May 30. Presumably, the basis of the holiday was a historic event — on this day in 1431 executed Jeanne d'Arc — Woman, which surpassed in the traditional "male" occupations, war and diplomacy, many members of the stronger sex. In addition, the May 30, 1932 in Germany adopted a law "On the legal status of women officials."

However, in Texas — one of the largest states in the U.S. — have decided, as usual, go to "my way" and established its own Emancipation Day, which was celebrated on June 19 . Historical precondition for the emancipation of the Day was the liberation of the African-American population of Texas from slavery in 1865.

At present, at least on the surface there is no indication that the rights of women in the state are in need of special protection. As, according to census data, women live here, even more than men.

Flag Day and National Flag of emancipation SShAKak whatsoever, June 19 a resident of the State of celebrating their independence and equality with men in social, work and family life — that is what does the word "emancipation" in its modern sense. In addition, the term also implies the right of women to be educated, to work in any capacity, to get a decent wage, and the right to elect and be elected to the state or municipal authorities.

Festival June 19 is also called the Day of Freedom or Juneteenth (from the English. June-June and nineteenth — nineteenth). Currently, 41 U.S. state celebrates June 19 as either a state or a national holiday. In the Texas Emancipation Day is an official public holiday since 1890.