Day police inspectors in Ukraine

Today is the Day of district militia officer of the Ukraine. A second birth this holiday got 18 June 2004 — the day the order was signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on its approval.

The first birthday of the MTA service in the Ukraine was June 18, 1923 — the day when the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR signed a police order "On approval of the instruction for the district observers of city departments." From that date until the holiday was officially recognized, was exactly 81.

A district police officer — the person who is responsible for maintaining law and order in the assigned areas and communities, protect the rights, interests, life and dignity of citizens engaged in prevention and detection of crime and delinquency. He must not only possess professional skills, but also to be a good psychologist, possess such human qualities as honesty, sensitivity, ability to listen to people, to understand the nature of the problem and to provide expert assistance. After all, for his work is a lot of human lives.

Divisional Inspector — "Fighter of the first front." The concept of "normalized time" — not for him. People with problems come to him at any time of the day. District inspector almost daily to consider allegations and reports of citizens to detain criminals, to identify drug, organized crime, to make administrative reports. He is forced to keep on controlling every dysfunctional family, responsible for all previous convictions and the mentally ill living in the assigned area.

separate theme — of police inspectors in the countryside. Most often it is the only representative of the Interior in the village, besides serving an average of five to six settlements.

By the way, in the Ukrainian version of the local inspector is still a police officer, not the police, Although talk of renaming the service in the Ukraine has been going on for a long time.