International Day of the blogger

annually 14 June online community celebrates the International Day of the blogger. The idea of ??this festival was born in 2004. Immediately 500 people from more than 40 countries, together, have decided that they want their day — a symbol of friendship between the network bloggers around the world.

This holiday makes people writing their blogs in different languages closer and gives them the opportunity to support each other, and all users of the Internet. In Russia this day for several years, annually held "live" meeting bloggers. A June 14, 2007, the third anniversary of the Day blogger, every user worldwide web, having your own blog, published in him a short message of solidarity between all bloggers.

Along with the Day of the blogger in the world is celebrated annually and the so-called Day blog (original title — Blog Day). It is held 31 August. On this day every blogger publishes a five page of links to other blogs dedicated to different topics.

As stated on the official website of the organizers of this festival, "Bloggers have to have at least one day that could be devote acquainted with colleagues from different countries and with different interests. "

By the way, the idea of ??celebrating the Day of the blog it appeared on August 31 after the letters in the word «blog» compared with the writing of numbers. 3108 turned out, which means that on August 31. On the very first day blog in 2005, the search engine "Google» ( has added more than 30,000 new references blogs. A c 2004 to this day kicked off global competition for the best blogs «Best of Blogs», which conducts edition of the "Deutsche Welle".