Riga Salsa Festival

Every year in June in the center of Riga is an international Riga Salsa Festival (Riga Salsa Festival). During the three days of saturated activities demonstrate their art of dance dancers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the UK, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and other countries.

On festival attracts famous DJs, but despite the fact that the names of the masters of his craft delight, the festival is always in place and beginning musicians, performers and DJs. In the classroom, workshops and evening events always have a friendly and full of positive energy atmosphere.

At the festival, as usual, you can enjoy both the Latin American and Cuban salsa true.

Salsa (Salsa) called the style of Latin music, the word in Spanish means " SauceĀ».

birthplace of salsa consider Cuba, but by the time of birth — 60 years of the 20th century. The heyday of the same genre of Latin American music was in the 70s of the 20th century and up until the early 21 th century. Salsa has spread around the world, have created new trends and styles, invented modern arrangements. Today salsa leaves no one indifferent!