Catholic feast of St. Barnabas

Saint Barnabas the Apostle (St. Barnabas) belongs to the ranks Saints Seventy Apostles. He was born into a wealthy Jewish family from the lineage of the Levites in Cyprus received a good theological education in Jerusalem, where he met with Saul, who later became the apostle Paul. The original name was Joseph Barnabas. Nicknamed as Barnabas, which means "son of encouragement," he received for his kindness and compassion.

to Christianity, Barnabas was one of the first 70 disciples of Christ. After Jesus died, he gave away all his property and devoted himself entirely to the spread of Christianity. For a long time he accompanied the Apostle Paul on his missionary journeys, and together they visited Cyprus and Perge, a lot of time and were preached in Antioch. Last visit Cyprus without the Barnabas took Paul, which went along with his nephew Mark.

There, on the city of Salamis in Cyprus, he met his death at the hands of the Jews: he was taken out of the gate, stoned to death and then thrown on the fire. When Mark later made his way to bury him, he found the body of Barnabas completely untouched by the fire. The burial place of miracles began to happen, and it was called "Place of weal", where many of the patients were healed. Later, there was erected a temple, and the relics of the saint were transferred to the altar.

Many researchers attribute editing Barnabas' Epistle to the Hebrews, "the Apostle Paul, which is logical, taking into account the formation of Barnabas and its proximity to the apostle himself. Barnabas also considered the founder of the Cypriot Church.