Week of the Federal Public Service of Canada

In 1992, the Parliament of Canada, it was decided to celebrate the third annual week of June as the Week of the Federal Public Service (National Public Service Week, NPSW). This week is dedicated to summarizing activities of the Canadian public service and celebration of the achievements in the development of this fundamental democratic institution of the country.

Vsekanadskoe This event aims to celebrate throughout professionalism, creative ingenuity and hard work of federal employees in Canada to provide its citizens quality service — the cornerstone of health, security and prosperity of society as a whole.

The dedicated men and women in the ranks of the national public service — one of the most precious resources. The belief that their labor contribution is recognized and appreciated by the public by the government for their achievements — an important part of the motivation for their work in the ranks of civil servants. Week of the Federal Public Service — the time selection, recognition and reward deserving members from the ranks of workers of public services.

The final ceremony of awarding of outstanding public service employees in Canada are in the metropolitan area not less solemn than the finals of the most famous art contests. Awards and scholarships are awarded in seven different categories. The winners are honored in all districts from coast to coast.

Federal Public Service Week gives Canadians the opportunity to thank all the civil servants for a high level of commitment and dedication of its work. Over the 15-year term and an annual celebration of summarizing the Federal Public Service Week has played a huge role in the fact that the Canadian system of public services citizens rightly recognized as one of the best in the world.