Queen's Birthday in Australia

In Australia, the two official birthday of the Queen. Most Australians celebrate it on the second Monday of June. However, residents of the State of Western Australia prefer to celebrate it every year in the nearest 30 September Monday.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born April 21 in 1926. It was not the first British monarch, who moved the celebration of his birthday on more resembling — sunny and warm (which is very important for the UK) — the time. More Edward VII in the early 20th century, decided to celebrate his birthday in the summer instead of November. Australians are also preferred in June, simply because the present Queen's birthday is close to the next big holiday of the country on April 25Day of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC Day — Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). Two official days off during the week? For Australia, it's a lot.

Australia is not directly dependent on the British Crown (Parliament ratified the Statute of Westminster, which gives full legal freedom in 1942). At the same time, the country is a member of the Commonwealth, which includes almost all of the former British colony. These countries have so far considered their monarch Queen Elizabeth II. In the absence of sovereign interests of the Crown in Australia is the Governor-General.

Today, Queen Elizabeth II — the most traveling monarch in the world. During his reign, she has made more than 250 foreign visits, including 15 visits to Australia. And each time to welcome thousands of people flock to it.

For a long time on the Queen's birthday celebrated with a big colorful fireworks. Now it has become a Christmas tradition. Canberra — the only place on the Queen's birthday you can buy (and see) fireworks.

Australia Post each year issues new stamps dedicated to this day.

There is still an ongoing debate about the need for "the royal presence." Last referendum on the abolition of the monarchy as a symbol of the state in 1999 was defeated. Despite the continuing debate, Australians still celebrate the Queen's birthday and still enjoy life.