International Day of friends

friend — this is one soul living in two bodies. Aristotle

All people at all times honored friendship greatest social and moral value. But, as a rule, "genuine friendship" has always been considered extremely rare, and the blossoming of her belongs to the past, representing friendship as an ideal, capsized in the past.

Naturally, the folk art of our ancestors left a lot of proverbs proverbs and sayings about friends. Remember?
Old friend is better than two new ones. Three friends: father, mother, yes, but a faithful wife. Friends and in the same grave is not close. Do not hold one hundred rubles, and hold a hundred friends.

As the : ¬ęTrue friendship — one of those things that, as a giant sea serpents, it is unknown whether they are fictional or somewhere there. "

But we hope that in your life there is at least one person you want to congratulate you on this holiday. After all, the International Day of friends (International Friends Day), celebrated today, is based precisely in order to, regardless of the circumstances and the various twists and turns, we are reminded of their friends about how they are important for us to have pleased them.

Maybe for someone this holiday will be a great occasion to ensure that again some time later, or call or write a good old friends, and then gather the noisy company of friends and share the good news and pleasant memories.

And the first Sunday of August is celebrated as International Friendship Day.