International Day of accreditation

International Day of accreditation (International Accreditation Day) was established June 9 in 2008. Holiday base served as a global initiative supported by the joint decision of the International Accreditation Forum (International Accreditation Forum, IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, ILAC) in order to focus on work related to accreditation.

ILAC and IAF are organizations that accredit testing laboratories and, therefore, certification bodies. So this holiday, first of all, to be seen as a celebration of those who accredits the recognition of the technical competence of testing laboratories (certification bodies).

Accreditation helps to make an informed decision when choosing a lab because it is through Accreditation shows the competence, impartiality and laboratory capabilities.

In the international community ILAC, founded more than 30 years ago, consists of representatives of accreditation bodies from over 70 countries. Accreditation bodies around the world signed the agreement, which promotes the expansion of goods and services across national borders.

The purpose of this Agreement is to establish an international framework to support international trade through the reduction of technical barriers. The result can be achieved one of the goals of free trade: tested once — accepted everywhere (product tested once and accepted everywhere).

Accreditation is required in other areas of activity.

Accreditation , accreditation (from the Latin accredere — trust), in international law — the procedure for appointing a diplomatic representative (or a permanent representative of the state at an international organization).

Accreditation shall be representatives of the media in their nomination for work in another country, with coverage of international conferences, meetings of heads of state and representatives of foreign firms operating in another state.

journalists accredited to the press service of the Parliament, conferences, forums and other events or international organizations official or public service media relations of the host country. In the process of accreditation certificate shall be issued to them, giving the right to participate in press events. Trade and business representatives accredited to chambers of commerce or associations, as well as relevant exhibitions and fairs.