Birthday of the monarch in the UK

On the second Saturday of June in the country celebrated the official birthday of English monarch (Queen's Official Birthday). More precisely, the birthday of His Majesty can be observed in the first, second or third (rarely) Saturday in June.

Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth II) was born on April 21 in 1926, but according to tradition, formal events are held in the first month of summer. Such a tradition established in the early 20th century, the British King Edward VII (Edward VII, November 9 1841 — May 6 1910). He was born in the late autumn, but wanted to celebrate my birthday in the summer, the weather is nice, and large crowds.

In honor of the birthday of the monarch in all government buildings are put up national flags.

On this day, at the residence of British kings in Whitehall (Whitehall) held a ceremonial parade. The main content of the ceremony — removal of the banner or as it is called, a solemn guard mounting with the removal of the banner. Towards the monarch endure banner Guards, who is a guard duty at Buckingham Palace.

Banner Regiment is a dark-red flag with a picture of a crown and yellow ribbons sewn on it indicating the fights and battles where soldiers took part Regiment.

Specially trained of the Royal Horse Guards, in the presence of members of the royal family, invited guests and crowds of curious onlookers, march past with banners for the parade Horse Guards.

The ceremony dates back to the 18th century, when the banners of sneaking to the soldiers regiment. Since 1748 it takes place in the official birthday of the monarch, and today the passing parade of troops saluted cheering their queen.

Then the whole parade led by the royal carriage decorated for the parade in honor of the Mall is sent to Buckingham Palace, where the queen on a specially erected platform once again takes the salute from returning to their barracks guards.

For almost half a century of the reign of Elizabeth II's grand parade canceled only once — in 1955 because of the railway strike.

Every year to this day hero of the occasion announce CBE — list of prominent public figures, was awarded the highest attention. In the Table of Ranks CBE is listed on a step lower than the MBE — Member of the order of the British Empire, but it certainly is a very honorable title.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952, replacing throne of his father — King George VI.