World day of knitting in public

Every second Saturday of June since 2005, world celebrates the unusual holiday — Day of knitting in public. He goes too fancy, but quite in keeping with its name: everyone who loves to knit or crochet, going in any public place — in the park, in the park, in a cafe — and indulge in his favorite pastime.

First World Day of knitting in public (World Wide Knit in Public Day) was held in Paris. Came up with this fun, which has become a tradition, a lover of knitting Daniel Lendes. Over time, public knitting carried away with not only a Frenchwoman, but also residents of other countries (festival is held, for example, in the United States, England, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia), while the shares acquired its own emblem, which depicts two knitting needles on a background map Europe.

knit together! (Photo: oliveromg, Shutterstock) By the way, in many places become a charitable event. Often craftswomen pass all things related to this day in funds for low-income individuals, or expose them at fairs, and all funds collected is sent, again, to help the needy. Particularly active knitters trying to "tie" the whole world: send knitwear in distant lands, and even to other continents.

In addition, as part of the World Day of knitting in public hosts exhibitions knitwear, fashion shows, workshops classes for those wishing to learn this difficult but exciting venture. Its activities carried out stores selling yarn and goods for needlework.

To date, according to various sources, the World Day of knitting goes in more than 350 cities of the world.