Rouen Armada

Rouen Armada — is an international festival of sailing ships and warships , which takes place in the French city of Rouen, the ancient capital of Normandy.

One of the most beautiful towns in France — Rouen — Located on the banks of the Seine River and is famous for its cathedral of Notre Dame, as well as the fact that it was executed by Joan of Arc. Today, the city became famous event, occupying a leading position in the world at large-scale events — Rouen Armada.

Participants Armada — sailing ships and warships — the most famous and prominent representatives of its unique class that conquered all seas and oceans.

should be mentioned here that the festival is not an annual event. First Armada was held in Rouen in 1989 and since then has held only every four or five years (1989, 1994, 1999, 2003 and 2008). Next Rouen Armada will be held from 6 to 16 June 2013.

Traditionally, the organizers of the festival — the French region of Normandy and its capital — the city of Rouen. But over time, it was supported and others. For example, in 2008 the festival has supported senior management in France, and its so-called "patron" was declared Prince Albert of Monaco.

At the 8 km long river Seine inhabitants of Rouen and its many guests are greeted participants Armada. For example, in 2008, the festival was attended by about 30 large sailing ships and 12 warships from 16 countries. Specially invited VIP-guests was the Russian Baltic Fleet patrol ship "Fearless" — storm Somali pirates!

This is the largest international festival of the best sailing ships attracts millions of people every year the number of visitors increases. Visitors are going to literally from all over the world. So in 2008, witnessed this beautiful holiday began more than 10 million viewers. On the Armada, as well as the famous Tour de France bicycle race, the tickets are not sold. For 10 days, all festival events are free.

Rouen Armada not only show the most beautiful sailing ships in the world. During the festival days also can set foot on the deck of any ship party, meet maritime traditions of different fleets, listen to music at the festival concerts, watch a variety of theatrical performances and gala procession through the streets of the medieval sailors Rouen, to participate in sporting events with the sailors, file your vote in the election-Miss Armada, to witness the magnificent fireworks every night.

For ten days, Rouen is also a meeting place for many public figures, representatives of business, politics, the media, shipping and yachting, high officials and executives from leading European companies.

festival ends with a magnificent 120-kilometer parade of ships participating on the river Seine to the the sea.