Journalist Day in Ukraine

Journalist Day is celebrated annually in Ukraine June 6 — on the day of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine in 1992, the International Federation of Journalists (Decree of the President of Ukraine of 25.05.1994 ? 251/94).

Journalist Day — is not only professional holiday of workers of mass media. This is a nationwide celebration, because it is difficult to imagine modern society without information, without the means of transmission, without a professional look at the facts and events of our lives.

According to the chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Igor Fedorovich Lubchenko: "It is extremely necessary Ukrainian editions were when Ukraine declared independence. Then the journalists have led politicians to power in the newly created state. The tragedy began after when these policies, breaking into power, have forgotten who they are that power required. And they should just thank the journalists who today are constantly told about them, and argue with them — it is short-sighted. After all, only someone who is friends with the journalists, and does not press on them or gives instructions is a wise man and a wise and promising politician. "

Ā«Ukraine needs new journalistic standards of civility media space in which it was presented by the diversity of ideas and thoughts. It should gradually lose the level of engagement and political constraints. A new dimension to the relationship of the state to purchase and the press. The government can not be so closed to journalistsĀ».

The Editorial Board of the" Event Calendar "sincerely congratulates journalists on their professional holiday. We wish the political independence, professional competence, honesty and, of course, well-written materials.