Russian Language Day

Day of Russian language appeared in the international calendar in 2010, when the United Nations Department of Public Relations suggested the establishment of festivals devoted to the six official languages ??of the organization. The decision was taken on the eve of the International Mother Language Day, celebrated annually 21 February by UNESCO.

To celebrate the Day of Russian first date was set June 6. It's the birthday , the great writer, poet and playwright. In addition, Pushkin is considered the creator of modern Russian literary language. Enumerate the works of Alexander does not make sense — they are familiar to any person living in Russia or speaking in Russian.

Russian language — one of the major languages ??of the world, is the most widespread of the Slavic languages, as well as the most common European language in the geographical sense. In addition to the Russian Federation, the Russian language is the official language of some of the CIS countries, as well as Abkhazia and South Ossetia. He also remains the language of informal communication in the former Soviet Union. Interestingly, the Russian language is spoken are required to study all the astronauts who will be working on the International Space Station.

According to recent reports, the world's more than 150 million Russian speakers, more than 100 million speak Russian as a second language.

On the Day of the Russian language in the General Assembly of the United Nations hosts a variety of events. In particular, in 2011, the main point of the program was a concert of Slavic folk music. Also run contests, exhibitions, lectures, film shows and express lessons.