Constitution Day of Denmark

Revolution of 1848 brought to power in the Danish National Liberals . Frederik VII (1848-1863) abolished absolutism, has agreed to introduce constitutional rule and June 5 in 1849 signed the new Constitution. This act established a bicameral legislature (Rigsdag), takes into account the will of the people. Denmark became a constitutional monarchy.

The main political event of the postwar period — the adoption in 1953 of the new Constitution, according to which the right of succession to the throne was provided to both men and women. In addition, a legalized unicameral parliament (the Folketing), and increased role of local governments.

In honor of this event set a national holiday — the Day of the Constitution (Constitution Day): the first Constitution of 5 June 1849, and the modern Constitution of 5 June 1953. This is one of the so-called flag-days, when the legislation places raised the national flag of the country.