Day MELIORATOR Azerbaijan

By decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic on May 24 year 2007 on June 5 in Azerbaijan celebrate professional holiday — Day of MELIORATOR.

Irrigation and Water Management plays an important role in the economy Azerbaijan. Under the 10-year program of development of the regions of Azerbaijan, in the last 3 years the amount of foreign investment in this sector has increased several times.

No exaggeration to say that the history of land reclamation in Azerbaijan dates back several centuries. For example, in the Mil and Mugan plains traces of irrigation channels relating to the early years of our era. Later, in the 7th century, with the formation of the economic life of the state Girdiman Atroptena and Albania once again noticeably quickened: expanded acreage, irrigation facilities were built, developed horticulture, sericulture.

After the arrival of the Arab invaders in the late 7th century and the subjugation of Azerbaijan in the 8th century, were completely destroyed arable land, orchards, destroyed irrigation canals and levees. As a result of the capture of Azerbaijan by the Mongols in the 12th century and later, in the years 1237-1238, irrigated agriculture has fallen into decay. As a result of these invasions have occurred in many channels of silt, soil subjected to water logging and salinity.

A marked recovery in the canal system began in the 15th century, but until the 19th century the development of reclamation came mostly in the foothill areas along the large and small rivers, as well as in the vicinity of different sources of water in the lowlands did not require the construction of large irrigation networks and long channels.

The first modern technical irrigation systems were built in the years 1901-1917 on the territory of Mugan. In the 1920-1930-ies expanded construction of drainage facilities. In 1958 he was commissioned in Upper Karabakh main canal with water intake from Mingachevir reservoir through a tunnel of 1.3 kilometers long. The channel length — 172 kilometers, it was designed to irrigate 100,000 hectares of land.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates all irrigators with their professional holiday. We wish wider and deeper for the benefit of needy in your land work.