Day of the state symbols of Kazakhstan

4 June in 1992 were first approved new state symbols of independent Kazakhstan. This day will forever remain in history as the day of birth of the new state symbols.

State symbols — one of the unshakable foundations of the state. The blue flag with a golden sun and the silhouette of a soaring eagle and coat of arms in the center of which is the image of shanyrak as a symbol of a common home for all people of Kazakhstan, showed to the world the image of a new independent state called the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan ? 337 of June 4, 2007 "On amendments to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on on January 20, 1998 ? 382" On trade and other celebrations in the Republic of Kazakhstan "," 4 June in the Republic Day is celebrated national symbols.

The national flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a rectangular blue color with the image in the center of the sun with 32 rays, under which depicts soaring steppe eagle. At the flagpole — a vertical strip with a national ornament. Images of the sun rays, eagle and ornament — color gold. The ratio of the flag's width to its length: 1:2

flag yavlyaetya author of Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, the artist Niyazbekov Shaken Onlasynovich, who won the right of authorship in the difficult struggle.

KazahstanGerb arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a circle . In the world's most perfect form is considered to be a form of a ball. A circle is the closest to perfection this element is particularly valued for nomads. The circle as an element of heraldry has applied everywhere, but it is a special honor and respect the eastern nomads. It is a symbol of life, eternity.

The central element incorporated the basic idea of ??the coat of arms of the Republic is shanirak — the circular top of the dome of the yurt. Shanyrak — a symbol of family well-being, peace, tranquility. Expertly, efficiently and beautifully illustrated tundyk — zenith hole tent, like a bright sun on blue, peaceful sky. Dome poles — uyk equally divergent from the center of the coat of arms on a blue space, reminiscent of the sun's rays — the source of life and warmth.

The authors were able to solve the problem of the image kerege — sliding lattice framework of the yurt. Cross-shaped, triple kuldreushi shanyrak symbolize the unity of the three zhuzes, which ensures its durability.

The current coat of arms of the sovereign Kazakhstan is the result of great work, creative pursuit of two famous architects: Zhandarbek Malibekova and Shota Ualihanov. To win in this competition was not easy. Suffice it to recall that only in the final competition involved 245 projects and 67 descriptions of the coat of arms of the future.

Thus, the language of heraldry, the authors are peaceful essence of the Kazakhs. Call upon all nations to unite under a common republic shanyrak strive to become a strong powerful supporting structures of our common home — Kazakhstan. The next part of the composite structure of the arms are zolotokrylye with horns in the shape of a crescent fantastic racers — tulpars. Although the image argamaks state symbols has a long history, however, this option has brought about great writers debate and controversy before it was adopted.

Silhouette of horses in the language of heraldry has a deep meaning and content. It means courage of a lion, hawk vision, physical power and strength of a bull, speed, speed, and plastic deer, fox cunning and resourcefulness in the fight against the enemies. Golden wings horses remind also sheaves of grain, golden ears, that is a sign of labor, wealth and material well-being.

In the center of the emblem is a five-pointed star. Heart and embrace open to representatives of all five continents. The color scale of the coat of arms are the two basic colors — gold and blue. The first corresponds to a brighter, clearer future for the people of the country. Blue sky is uniform for all the peoples of the world. The color of the coat of arms represents Kazakhstan's aspiration for peace, harmony, friendship and unity with all peoples of the planet.