Queen's Birthday

Every year on the first Monday in June in New Zealand celebrate birthday Reina (Queen's Birthday Holiday). Its date is different from the real birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (April 21 in 1926) and does not coincide with holidays in other countries of the British Commonwealth.

Why did this discrepancy in the dates? It's very simple — the reason for that was the weather in England. So, to avoid inclement weather threatened to spoil the festivities, Edward VII (Edward VII, November 9 1841 — on May 6 1910) established the mark his birthday at the beginning of the summer. Since then, so do all the English monarchs.

Unfortunately for New Zealand, located in the Southern Hemisphere, bad weather can not be avoided. In June, here comes the winter — usually in the form of a long heavy rains. But, as the weather is not so depressing, as in England, and also because of the major public events in honor of the holiday, the date did not change.

Elizabeth II took the throne of the royal New Zealand February 6 in 1952, and has the official title — Elizabeth the Second, by the grace of God Queen of New Zealand, and her other realms and territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

In recent years, New Zealand offers more sounds to replace the Queen's Birthday on more traditional and unique to the country's holiday, for example, the Maori New Year — Matariki (Matariki). But while the government has not seriously considered such proposals.


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