Australia's Foundation Day

Foundation Day (Foundation Day) — the official annual celebration on one-third of the territory of Australia. It takes so much of the country's largest state, Western Australia, particularly famous for the fact that not only goes to summer and winter time. Foundation Day is celebrated officially June 1, but, according to tradition, celebrations and holiday falls on the first Monday in June.

Residents of Western Australia are very sensitive to their history . And, as no one knows its roots. Just because they have a Foundation Day.

1 June 1829 the first settlers of the West Coast have completed their long journey from the UK to the Green continent to the colony on the Swan River (Swan River). They arrived on the ship 'Parmelia┬╗(Barque Parmelia) under the command of Captain James Stirling. Strong wind for several days did not give travelers set foot on shore, and they studied their new land with water. And although officially they landed later, it was June 1 and for the residents of the western part of the country's foundation day. In the same year, and founded the largest city in the state (the fourth most populous in Australia) — Perth. Today, Australians celebrate Foundation Day on the first Monday of June to extend the weekend.

Another aspect of the Foundation Day celebration — a symbolic meeting of two cultures: ancient, pagan, southern land that nurtured tens of thousands of years, and the relatively new and so far away from these places. Over the years, visitors added to the first finders of their "promised land" from all corners of the globe. The first settlers of the state were British and Irish. However, very soon-to-coast "got" the Italians and Greeks. In the middle of the last century on the west coast of Australia began to settle Germans, Dutch, Croats and Macedonians. The Next Wave — South-East Asia and South Africa.

Each group of settlers has added something special to the centuries-old heritage and has contributed to the creation of a unique, vibrant Western Australian culture. Western Australia today — almost 2 million people 200 nationalities, speaking 170 languages ??and professing the religion of almost 100.

In the Foundation Day of Australians pay tribute to those who came to this earth to them. And also thank those who live and work today, building an even brighter future. "A resident of the year" — the most honorable award of Western Australia — it is awarded on the Day of the base. And the building of the Government of the State held a grand ball Foundation Day (Foundation Day Ball), which is headed by the governor himself.

Also the day of national pride for all those who call Western Australia home is complete without a festive concerts, cannon salute, meetings with veterans, art and cultural exhibitions.