Day of the local industry in Ukraine

Day of the local industry in Ukraine is celebrated annually on the first Sunday June according to the Decree of the President (№ 726/2002 from 20.08.02 g).

Local industry in Ukraine as a branch was established in 1934. Throughout its existence, it has experienced a number of organizational changes in recent years has been subject to pre-perestroika Republican line ministry and regional executive authorities.

The activities of 250 small industrial enterprises employing 50,000 people focused mainly on providing local product markets competitive products of mass consumption.

Enterprises local industry producing a wide range of products, which has more than 15,000 items of household consumption and household use.

The Editorial Board of the project " Calendar of events "congratulates all employees of the local industry with their professional holiday. We wish that the local industry has flourished in the country for the benefit of all its citizens.