International Day of cleaning water

there are on this planet and this holiday, as the International Day cleaning water. The main event of the day — a large-scale work day. He has been held since 1995 in many countries of the world under the auspices of the PADI — Professional Association of Diving Instructors (English Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Representation PADI operates in Russia.

On the territory of Russia the International Day of cleaning water appeared eight years later than in the world — in 2003. Changed and the date of the meeting. Abroad, the event takes place in early autumn, and in Russia, where in many regions of the climatic conditions are more severe — the first Sunday of June.

The main ideological inspirers, organizers and participants of the "celebrations" of the International Day of cleaning water in Russia — divers. In this day of diving clubs go into local water bodies to clear the shore and bottom.

participation in the Day of cleaning water is voluntary. To support people in sports gambling and give subbotnik holiday spirit during cleaning operations are usually organized competitions between teams.