World Day for Blondes

The brightest, most visible and most of humanity is finally svetlogolovaya -that has found its own long-awaited and well-deserved holiday. It may be because the law blond ladies, as they angrily claim unfairly trampled literally around the world, Bright date May 31 declared World Day for blondes.

Heroines many anecdotes hostage hydrogen peroxide and hairdressing, innocent victims of glamor, lady sun decks and silicone, the favorite of real gentlemen and holders giperzhenskoy logic, they are all worthy of this date marked the first time in 2006 — namely, decided to give himself his due and to become an exclusive prize laureate — "The Diamond Stud" (this is the first special award for blondes).

The first celebration of the World Day of blondes gone with this style. Award ceremony "The Diamond Stud", dedicated to the celebration of talented, smart, successful, fashionable and infinitely feminine. In short, blond blondes most of our time.

According to scientists, a real blonde — a rare phenomenon, and they estimated in 2202 by the blonde finally disappear from the face of the Earth. Only in the last 50 years the number of blondes and blondes dropped from 49 percent to 14 percent of the total population of the planet. And for several reasons. First, the child was born blonde, both parents have to be blond hair. Second, in countries where the dominant dark color hair, the population has been steadily increasing, but the Europeans — Germans, Scandinavians, Russians, who are the bearers of "blond gene" — is increasingly limited to one child. The last person will be born with blond hair, according to scientists in Finland, home to the greatest number of fair-haired people per capita.

Why is this difficult to understand — natural blond is rare, and find a mate, too blond, and that for love ... 1 chance in a million ...