World No Tobacco Day

World Health Organization in 1988 declared May 31 World No Tobacco Day (World No Tobacco Day). The world community has been given the task — to ensure that in the XXI century, the problem of smoking disappeared. XXI century arrived, but the problem has not disappeared. The fight continues with nicotine.

According to the World Health Organization in Russia from causes related to smoking, die prematurely every year about 300,000 people. That's more than from motor vehicle accidents, drug use or AIDS.

Quitting smoking is not easy. It is known that nicotine is addictive and we all know people who have tried to quit, but only after a few months of starting to smoke again.

A recent survey in one of the major developing countries showed that two-thirds of smokers mistakenly believe that smoking has little or no harm has it, not many of them want to quit, and even less successfully quit smoking.

Today we know of the existence of effective treatments, as well as the means by replacing the nicotine. They should become more widely available, the cost should be reduced to smokers in all countries could afford to purchase them.

The good news is that you can gain substantial health benefits, quitting smoking at any age. Those who gave up smoking at the age of 30-35 years, have a life expectancy equal to the length of life of people who had never smoked.

Recall that every year on the third Thursday of November in most countries of the world, there International No Smoking Day.