Day of the Russian legal

31 May 2002 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new Federal Law "On Advocacy and Advocacy in the Russian Federation».

Advocacy and counsel are defined by this law as follows:

«Bar business is a qualified legal assistance, provided on a professional basis by persons who have received the status of a lawyer in the order established by the present Federal law, individuals and legal entities (hereinafter — the trustees) in order to protect their rights, freedoms and interests, as well as access to justice».

"A lawyer is a person who has received in accordance with this Federal law status of the lawyer and the right to practice law. Advocate is an independent professional legal adviser. Lawyer may not enter into an employment relationship as an employee, except for scientific, educational and creative activities, and to hold public office of the Russian Federation, the state office of the Russian Federation, a public service and municipal offices».

Holiday established April 8 2005 2nd All-Russian Congress of lawyers.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates attorneys with their professional holiday. We wish to improve the professionalism of relentless, even greater objectivity in dealing with the tasks assigned and distinguished service in the name of justice and the rule of law.