Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) is celebrated every year Thursday after Trinity and is a solemn celebration of the Holy Eucharist (Holy Eucharist), compared with the Holy Mass daily.

The Catholic Church considers the Eucharist (the sacrament of Holy Communion) as a sacred gift that Christ left his church, established at the last supper. Sacrifice of Jesus under the appearance of bread and wine into the upper room in Jerusalem, — a kind of "form" in which the victim of the Cross is clothed in the life of the Church. Holy Communion — is part of believers in Christ's sacrifice, which helps us to become like the Son of God.

Custom solemn veneration of the Eucharist began in 1247 in the diocese of Li?ge Belgium. In 1264, Pope Urban IV gave this festival-church status, granting indulgences to all who took part in a mass. Rite feast of Corpus Christi wrote Thomas Aquinas, and the text of the service is considered one of the most beautiful in the Roman Breviary.

Holiday, truly religious in origin, over time, became in many countries is indeed a national holiday. It combines rigorous rites of the church service, the ceremonial parade and game elements from the bustling pre-Christian celebrations. There is a beautiful tradition — during the procession to scatter flower petals.