International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

In 2002, the UN General Assembly declared May 29 International Day of Peacekeepers (International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers). This day is intended to pay tribute to the sacrifice and selfless devotion peacekeepers are serving around the world. It marks the fact that the UN has been done in various countries to alleviate the suffering and reconciliation of warring parties.

When this day in 1948, the Security Council of the United Nations established the first peacekeeping mission, few of those present in the Chamber could not imagine to what extent the change peacekeeping activities of the United Nations.

Time lightly armed peacekeepers who commit foot patrols along the ceasefire line between sovereign states, has long gone. The current peacekeeping operations of the United Nations are becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted, they are not limited to checking whether the cease-fire, and actually solve the problem of recovering the countries on the brink of collapse, often after a decades-long conflict.

The soldiers in blue helmets and their civilian counterparts jointly organize elections, to actively participate in the reform of the police and the judicial system, the promotion and protection of human rights, the equality of men and women who organize voluntary disarmament of former combatants, conduct mine clearing, the support measures for the return of refugees and displaced persons to their places of origin.

This is a priceless painting carries risks. Today, the 18 operations managed by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, serve more than 72,000 military personnel and 15,000 civilians, and thus, the United Nations is the world's largest multilateral organization, the crucial task of post-conflict stabilization.