Veterans Day Customs

29 May Veterans of the Customs Service traditionally celebrate their holiday. Veterans Day Customs — a celebration of those who have dedicated their lives to the struggle against smuggling, protect the economic interests of the country, the infrastructure of a modern customs service.

Veterans Day, Russian customs officers began to celebrate after the Decision of the Executive Committee of All-Russian Union of Veterans of the Customs Service {day-of-6 10} 10 June {/ day} in 1999, adopted at the numerous "offers made by the customs authorities of veterans organizations, veterans Customs Service to preserve the traditions and communication and continuity between generations of customs."

From that time on 29 May in all customs offices Russian organized festive celebrations with performances of well-known veterans, awarding prizes, awards, organizing concerts.

For young customs officers this Day gives a great introduction to the traditions of the customs service. They grasp the obvious truth in the service of the customs authorities have the deep past, rich present and the future of honor.

The Editorial Board of the "Event Calendar" sincerely congratulates veterans of the customs service with their professional holiday. We wish that the younger generation of customs officers did not yield you the professionalism, hard work and flawless execution of their duty.