Day military motorist

29 May Russian Armed Forces celebrate military motorist, established by Order ? 100 of the Minister of Defense in 2000.

On this day in 1910 in St. Petersburg was founded the first training company car. The main task was to prepare the company for automotive specialists of the Russian army. In a short time it has actually become a center autotechnical support for the troops of the Russian army and was the prototype for all future organization of automotive service and systems autotechnical of the Armed Forces.

Day military motorist — a tribute to the merits of military motorists, their enormous contribution to the strengthening of Russia's defense capabilities. This branch is part of the connections, associations, rear of the army and navy.

motorists military activities associated with the evacuation of the wounded, the sick, and the property, with delivery of material resources, transportation of personnel.

Military motorists transported more than 101 million tons of cargo in the Great Patriotic War. During military operations in Chechnya, they took the main burden on the transport and supply troops.

The Editorial Board of the "Calendar of events" congratulates military motorists with their professional holiday. We wish to have your work, experience and professionalism are always needed, and that you were only waiting for the peaceful road.