Day optimizer

On this day, celebrate their professional holiday Runeta optimizers, or SEO-administrators. Acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a variety of ways to work with search engines — in order to increase resource positions in the search results for a particular search users.

Job SEO-Optimizer originated in Russia in the mid 90-ies of the last century. It was then that the first search engines, in which the position of the site is directly correlated with the income of the resource. Since then, many years have passed. Search engines do not just change their algorithms, in parallel to development and SEO. Today SEO — is a powerful multi-million dollar industry.

Modern SEO can be divided into three types: the "white", "gray" and "black" optimization. White optimization is not contrary to the requirements of the search engines. Sites that are promoted as "white" methods, users are always interesting and rightfully occupy their highest position. "White" optimizer carefully working on the structure of the site, monitoring the quality of content, exchanges with colleagues thematic links.

«Black» optimizers use illegal methods. In fact, they are engaged in a banal fraud search engine. In the arsenal of "black" optimizers such specific techniques as hidden text, spam, "garbage links". To a search engine "black" optimizers — the real enemies. If you do not fight with them, they will turn to the issue of searching for information piles of useless links.

By "gray" are those search engine optimization techniques that are not officially banned by search services, but can be regarded as unnatural means of promotion site. In contrast to the "black" methods, they rarely result in the imposition of penalties by the search engines, which allows you to display their resources through the first position in a relatively short time.

First Day optimizer Runeta was celebrated in 2006. The date of its celebration of SEO-experts have identified at random. In the forum hosted by Searchengines turnout of 217 people, 77 percent of them, and have chosen for your holiday this wonderful spring day.