Border Guards Day

There is a profession — to defend the Motherland! This "winged" a phrase from the movie V.Rogovogo "Officers" is probably the best way reflects the meaning and essence of the profession border guard.

May 28 traditionally celebrate their professional holiday guards on duty, staff officers and veterans of the Border Troops of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan.

In the USSR Border Guards Day was celebrated in May 28, 1958 and was installed at the fact that 28 May 1918 Decree of the Council of People's Commissars was established boundaries of the RSFSR Border Guard. It was also created General Directorate of Border Guard, which is in full force crossed the officers of the former Office of the Independent Corps pogranstrazhi Russia.

Border-pilots are on duty for the protection of air borders. Border-sailors are on duty for the protection of maritime borders. Outposts on the coast guards are on duty too. Border service is very dangerous, but very honorable. Their professional holiday border guards celebrate in a big way.

The icon border guard of the Soviet Union (Photo: SeDmi, Shutterstock) is no exaggeration to say that the celebration of this day amounts to hundreds of years — since the onset of the first centralized frontier. For example, in ancient Russia to protect against the nomads and the protection of its borders used defenses — shafts and defense line. They were erected along the borders of Russian territory. To care for them created Zasechnaya guard. Zasechnaya guard — the first mention of the border service.

Border Guards Day — a demonstration of the power of this kind of combat troops, the establishment of this holiday is also a morale boost soldier performing his duty to the people, country and the state.

The Editorial Board of the project "Calendar of Events" sincerely congratulates the employees of Border Troops on their professional holiday. We wish ups "on alert" will never disturb your sleep to the Motherland always remembered and honored their brave defenders.

Recall that Armenia {Border Guards Day is celebrated day-4-26} 26 April {/ day}, in Kazakhstan — May 18, in Moldova10 June.