Spring holiday in the UK

Spring holiday in the UK, which is celebrated annually on the last Monday in May refers to the so-called spring bank holiday (Spring Bank Holiday).

Also on this day, which is sometimes called the Day of the spring, can be rightly called a celebration of colors, so that on the eve of the holiday houses and streets of England decorated with garlands of spring flowers. In the morning the streets are held parades with flowers and branches of flowering trees. And during the day and feast at night results in festivities.

The origins of the spring goes in the Middle Ages, when it was accompanied by folk songs and dances, archery. It was on one of these events, one of the legends, was captured by Robin Hood.

There is a belief — to prolong their youth, girls and women need to wash the dew of the day.

These days holiday lost some of its national roots, but still loved. To him often times opening up of various festivals and exhibitions.

Speaking of the significant events of the last decade, you can call the opening May 26 in 2000 after a reconstruction of one of the greatest monuments of English 18th century architecture — Somerset House (Somerset House). It has invested 48 million pounds sterling. The building housed a large exhibition complex, and in the evenings in the open air — film, opera, theater, dance and singing fountain. On holiday here come the locals and visitors.