Russian Library Day (Day of the librarian )

All-day law library and a professional day Russian librarians — Day of the librarian. This professional holiday established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin number 539 from May 27 1995 "On establishing the date of the All-Russian Library».

The decree states:
«Given the large contribution of Russian libraries in the development of national education, science and culture and the need to further enhance their role in public life, I resolve:

1. Set the all-Russian Library Day and celebrate it on May 27, in conjunction with this date to {event-day 753} founding in 1795 of the first Russian state public library {/ event} — Imperial Public Library, now the Russian National Library.

2. Government of the Russian Federation, the executive authorities of the Russian Federation, local self-government to recommend the Day of libraries of activities aimed at increasing the role of books in the socio-political, historical and cultural life of the population of the Russian Federation, as well as to address the problems associated with the development of libraries ».

It is believed that the very first library in Russia was founded by Yaroslav the Wise in 1037 at St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev.

The Editorial Board of the" Event Calendar "sincerely congratulates all library workers on their professional holiday. We wish that the halls of libraries a constant stream of curious readers to your work helped communication and understanding between nations.